What can you eat in Prague?

While traveling on the train from Berlin the only thing he did was to think "What can you eat in Prague?"

What he knew about this city is that the pork predominated, that they had good sausages and that there was a lot of beer.

And that was precisely my diet during the 48 hours I was in this wonderful city. Well, I also went to a Vietnamese restaurant.

Chinese food in Prague

My first big surprise with Prague was that there were many Chinese restaurants. In a street I could find at least 2, and in the central helmet I saw a lot of posters inviting to eat noodles and meat with oyster sauce if you bent to the right at the end of the corridor. There were also posters offering Thai massages in the same place, which made the issue suspicious.

chinese restaurant in prague

Surprisingly I did not enter anybody to eat. I booked my "Asian letter" for the last meal in that city: I dined at a Vietnamese restaurant called Ha Noi. The dish: a Pho soup with chicken and vegetables. Not as good as Berlin's, it tasted a bit like cubes and did not have the right aromatic spices: Like the cold I did, I took it with much gratitude.

pho en praga

That same night, a few hours earlier I had an incredible Czech sausage, accompanied by cabbage and potatoes, in the Staroměstské náměstí square (next to the astronomical clock). High doses of pork fat and carbohydrates for the cold is all you need.

prague sausage

Another interesting meal was the meat dish with tomato sauce and paprika accompanied with bread that I had lunch in my only day of stay. It was extremely simple (and cheap) and left enough space in my stomach to snack on the sausages I just mentioned.

meat with prague bread

Lunch tips in Prague

-The" popular "dish of the Czech Republic is grilled pork with sour cabbage and potatoes.

-Do not sit in the first restaurant you find. Take a turn, and check the menu. The prices are in Czech Crowns. 1 Euro = 27.5 Czech Crowns (approximately).

menu restaurant prague

-The sausages are delicious and easily available at street food stalls.

-You can also get knee and pork ribs, always accompanied by cabbage, potatoes or bread dumplings./p>

prague pig

-Try the fried potato pancakes. Another delight of Czech cuisine.

-There is goulash. This dish is not only typical of Hungary. You can get it in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria, among others.

-Across the central market of Havelske Trziste, located halfway between the old square and Wenceslas Square. In this place you can get vegetables and many colorful fruits, sweet and fresh like nowhere else.

Havelske Trziste

-One of the cheapest meals you can try are the Döner Kebabs that, as in much of central and eastern Europe, abound and never cost more than 5 or 6 euros. p>

-If you get to enter one of the many Chinese restaurants spread around the city, tell me what is the food.