Strolling through the Budapest Central Market

The Central Market of Budapest is one of the unmissable places that anyone who travels to this city, whether fanatic of gastronomy or not, should visit.

It is a colorful place, full of aromas and native flavors. The main protagonist here is the paprika.

Like any main market in a tourist city, the place attracts a huge number of avid foreigners to take a T-shirt or key ring as a souvenir of their visit, and then sit down to taste a good goulash or one of the dozens of sausages offered by the various food stalls.

The good thing is that the inhabitants of the city also visit it. Here you can buy a wide variety of fresh products, both meats and vegetables.

Visiting the central market is a good idea if you want to know a little more about the real life in Budapest.

central budapest market

The Central Market of Budapest has 3 levels:

On the ground floor there are mostly vegetable stands, so many that they are repetitive. There are also places to buy paprika and others dedicated to selling honey in any number of versions.


There are also several options where you can buy cuts of pork and, oh my god, charcuterías that make you want to cry of emotion.


Below, in the basement, there is a limited number of places to buy, even more meat, fish and more paprika.

The upper floor of the market is where the magic happens. Half of the area is occupied by various Hungarian food stalls, with tables and chairs available, and a buffete restaurant with good food at a great price. In addition to good beer "from home".


The food stalls have everything a cholesterol lover needs to be happy him and his cardiologist. Sausages and sausages to choose from, sausages wrapped in bacon!


Pork, sausages and grains in the same dish. Is not it beautiful?


The prices in these positions are adjusted to tourism, but even so they are super friendly. Like the girls who attend, friendly.


Regarding the buffete restaurant, the prices are even more accessible and the food portions are plentiful.

restaurant -budapest-central-market

During my visit I tried a goose leg, soup goulash, and stewed goulash. All delicious and worth repeating on another occasion.


Finally, in this same level is where you can buy your typical souvenirs of your time in Hungary.

The Central Market of Budapest is a place that makes you hungry. To leave on an empty stomach here is a mistake as serious as going to Spain and not eating black leg ham.

How to get to the Central Market in Budapest

There is a subway station very close: Fővám tér (line 4).On Sundays they do not open.

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