There is a lot to eat in Berlin

When I planned to travel to the capital of Germany, the first thing I did, before reviewing the typical pages that tell you "what to see", was to look for where to eat in Berlin . After reviewing the recommendations for a while, I closed the browser, I completely forgot the subject and decided to find out on my own when the time came.

And it was.

I already knew about Beforehand I was not going to get the "typical German dish" of sausage, salad and sour cabbage so easily.

But that did not matter, my mission was clear: get Asian food in Berlin And in fact, I found too much.

Example: my first lunch in the city was in a Vietnamese fast food place. A delicious chicken with a slightly spicy satay sauce that cost me less than 10 euros. Success.

During my walks through the city I devoted myself to reading the menus of many restaurants. For me this activity was as important as visiting the Reichstag or the Berlin Wall.

Among the most delicious dishes I could taste during my 5 days in the city highlighted 4:

-The chicken schnitzel in a restaurant at the entrance to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. They especially highlighted their vegetables in white sauce and a kind of breaded mashed potatoes presented in a triangular shape.

-The Vietnamese soup "Pho" I had lunch at the Suno restaurant on the street Karl-Liebknecht-Straße # 15 , Few meters from Alexanderplatz . It was a huge cup, hot, with lots of meat and noodles. Perfect for the weather.

-The green meat and vegetable curry from Thai restaurant Chaapa, located at Adalbert Straße # 9 . Unfortunately I do not have a picture of that dish, but I did eat the sour soup and crispy duck with mushrooms and vegetables that I also ate.

-The pork schnitzel and sour cabbage from the German restaurant Brauerei Marcus Bräu on the street Münzstraße 1-3 . The place was perfect, there were no tourists, pure Germans eating and drinking. Everything was delicious. And I do not have a photo either because the lighting of the place did not help and taking pictures with the flash of the mobile phone is disgusting.

A few recommendations for eating in Berlin

In Berlin there is cheap food . With 5 or 6 euros, you can go to any of the Asia 2 Go in the city and ask for a Pad Thai and a soda. It's delicious, full and economical.

Try the Currywurst. It's a grilled sausage dipped in curry sauce. It is one of the most popular dishes in the city. It also costs less than 4 euros.

Go to Mustafa ( Mehringdamm 32 ) and order a Kebab. They are so famous (and good), that Anthony Bourdain himself went and ate one in that place.

Walk a street called Oranienburger Straße , specifically where the new synagogue is It has a great variety of restaurants: Thai, Turkish, German, Italian food, a Singaporean food restaurant that I regret not having gone to, sushi, Vietnamese and many bars for beer.

I also recommend Visit the street Oranien Strabe (not to be confused with the one I mentioned earlier) and its intersection with the street Adalbert Straße .