Hua Ta Li Restaurant: Cheap Chinese food in Lisbon

By: Flavio Bastos (@guiajando)

Since I left Venezuela I have not tried a Chinese that "knows the same". I've tried other things, great: chifa food in Peru, Korean food in New York, traditional Japanese food in Brighton, and excellent Indiana food in Lisbon. But as the Chinese of Venezuela I have not had the opportunity. I would almost dare say they do not exist. Maybe it's something different: Venezuelan Chinese food .

What I have noticed is that in the rest of the world, there are Chinese restaurants where the normal cost is that Menu include anything you want to take from the buffet . And in all these Chinese restaurants, the food does taste the same (but not the same as the terroir).

The European model of Chinese food consists of an all you can eat , where they even prepare you hot dishes at the moment according to the meat you choose, and the type of accompaniment you want: noodles (rice, egg), rice or sautéed with vegetables, for example.

In Lisbon, there are restaurants for all budgets, and when I say this I mean that you can eat from € 3.5, I am sure that with the theme of the crisis the ones that are emerging most are now the Chinese food restaurants . It is a successful and replicable model ad infinitum.

In Lisbon, every time my daughter "loses her appetite" we restarted her in Hua Ta Li . For 7 - 8.95 € each person can eat whatever he wants from the buffet, without asking for anything from the menu, of course, and the price does not include drinks.

The buffet is not bad, but if you have Some budget for the experience, I would recommend something from the menu .

If it's worth it? Well if you come to Lisbon for a couple of days I would not recommend it. But if you do not like roasted chickens, or fish like sardines or bacalhau, I think it's a good option. You can see here more options of where to eat in Lisbon .

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