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Deepti P.

Ambiance is ok Service is poor(the one who was taking order was really rude)Food is amazing i ordered chicken taco its amazing one of the best i have had coz the chicken was also well seasoned n really good in taste they variety of salsa option is amazing loved it i would give it 5 star but just coz of the server i reduced one star


Jim B.

First time getting food here was in hurry home so stopped at chicken palace ordered 1/2 chicken with orange rice an mac n cheese with a mango cup from the drive thru and got my food went home just to find the wrong food TACOS!!! i called an was told there was nothing they can do because the food i got on accident by their mistake was worth more than what i actually ordered i don't even eat red meat so guess that's the first an last time I'll be there


Alicia C.

If I could give this place no stars I would. Me and my coworkers used to order from here all the time but the customer service is horrible the food is sub par and our orders were only usually half right and we would receive attitude when we called to get it corrected. Recently a friend's daughter got food here for herself and her toddler and found something not food in their food. When she went in to show them and get her food replaced they gave her attitude and argued with her. I do not recommend this place, you don't know what you might find in your food.


Sharonda J.

Horrible meat!! I ordered the carne asada tacos and the meat looked like it was microwaved for about 10 minutes. It was hard, dark, burnt and tasted like jerky. The beef in the enchiladas was soooo disgusting. It looked like it sat in a skillet overnight cooking and they forgot about it and scraped it off into my food the next day!! HORRIBLE MEAT!! The presentation is beautiful but the meat is a no go! I even ordered again praying it would be different the second time...nope even worse.


Criss R.

Visiting from california and came to this place. Food was mediocre and customer service poor. I was quite shocked by the lack of politeness at this restaurant. Will not be coming back here..


Juan-Mayra M.

Horrible food. I order a steak quesadilla and it was two tortillas with a bunch of grease meat, couldn't even see or taste the cheese. My husband ordered tacos and they were tasteless.


Nicole L.

I love this place! I always get the chicken huaraches... (the pic) Its huge & only ! This is the only place in Kenosha that I can find them & I've been coming back every other week for over a year now... And get the same thing every time. Lol Oh and can't forget the double scoop of pistachio ice cream!! Deliciousness!! They have a buffet of fresh salsa n sauces too. Everyone is very friendly, which makes me love this place even more!  My only complaint... They only have shredded cheese. Not a big deal, I just love the queso fresco cheese on my Mexican food! (only reason I gave it 4 star star & not 5)My boy friend love their spicy chicken wings and fries. Every time he talks about how they have the best fries. I agree! Oh and the pastor (pork) tacos are delicious too!!


Chris R.

Excellent food at a reasonable price. I had the torta, and it was pretty good. Got a side of elotes! I feel like more places should sell elotes. Leave room for the dozens of different types of ice cream and other desserts. I sampled Nache ice cream but settled on the fresas con crema. I might try the soursop ice cream next time


Jason F.

I can't speak to the whole menu, but the chicken tacos are amazing! I like mine Mexican style with flour tortillas, but the corn tortillas are pretty good too. I've tried their steak and it tends to be dry and a little grisly, but the place is called Chicken Palace after all. The enchiladas are ok, but 95% of the time I order the tacos.     As far as service, you don't go here for the that. Theres no one to seat you, there are no tablecloths, or linen napkins. Order ahead, wait in line, pick up your order, simple as that.     The salsa bar is a nice touch too. Once you've gone a couple times you'll discover which ones are your favorite, but that's the fun too...sampling different flavors.      Don't let the few bad reviews deter you, try it out.


Martin N.

Since I originally stopped in they have tagged the salsas to indicate the heat of each. Really helpful.


Jennifer E.

I tried Chicken Palace for the 1st time.  I've driven past it many times and keep telling myself to remember to try it.  Well I finally did.  I ordered a steak taco, a taco al pastor, a side of mac and cheese and a side of rice.  I wanted to sample what they had so I kind of did a Chicken Palace haul so to speak.  Though...I didn't try the chicken....yea dumb.  Well they had a salsa bar with little cups and lids so that you can choose the sauces you'd like.  THAT was awesome.  However....their tags were confusing as they ALL said "Medium Hot" on them.  Ummm....medium or hot? ANYWAY...I took 4 and I really liked them all!  HOWEVER....my steak taco was extremely dry and bland.  And by dry I mean crispy steak pieces like they've been sitting a few days in a dry steam table.  The pastor taco was TERRIBLE!  I'm SO picky with pastor and this is the reason why.  It was dry and the flavor was so odd.  That's the only words I can figure to use for that flavor...odd.  The mac and cheese....had NO flavor.  That was so strange as I couldn't even taste a CHEESE flavor.  It was like watered down, no seasoning, wet noodles with an orangeish color.  The rice was....ok.  I wouldn't order anything again that I tried....except for the salsas at the salsa bar.  The ONLY reason I gave them a 2 star instead of 1 was that salsa bar...  I may try them again to try the chicken and maybe the ice cream...... IF I'm brave enough.


Arthur R.

Let me start by saying I've frequented this place many times with no problems. Today I placed an order over the phone for pick up. I was treated very rudely over the phone, and the woman who I spoke to had a HUGE attitude when I asked her to repeat back my order. When my wife got there to pick up the order, she was told she needed to go inside if she wanted any salsas (this is not their policy). Before she could react, the woman slammed the drive through door and ignored her. When I finally started eating the burrito I realized it was made HORRIBLY. Little to no meat, mostly beans and drenched with cheese. The burritos normally fill the container they are served in, but today I could have fit three burritos in there. I promptly called the restaurant and asked for the manager. I explained to him what my issues were and he verified with the cook that yes, there was meat in my burrito (of course the cook would not say no). He then proceeded to tell me to bring in the burrito tomorrow and he would verify that my burrito was made subpar. I was so shocked and frustrated at his response and lack of customer service. Please, do yourself a favor and stay CLEAR OF THIS PLACE!!!


Dan K.

Great Mexican food!  Don't let the appearance of the building fool you; I was skeptical the first time I went here, but their tacos and chicken are fantastic.  My wife and I go here all the time! Authentic and delicious!


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About Chicken Palace and ReviewsAbout Chicken Palace and ReviewsAbout Chicken Palace and Reviews